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Tooth-Colored Fillings – Loveland, OH 

A Beautiful Way to Fix Decayed Teeth!

If you haven’t needed a dental filling for a while, you might assume that cavities are still treated with an unattractive silver amalgam. You’ll be happy to learn that that’s a thing of the past! At Gerome & Patrice Family Dentistry, we provide the people of Loveland with tooth-colored fillings to fix their decayed teeth.

These tooth-colored fillings blend in seamlessly with the tooth and are made of a much safer material than metal amalgam. If you think you might have a cavity, call us today and we’ll be able to patch you right up!

Closeup of a filling in someone’s mouth

Why Choose Gerome & Patrice Family Dentistry for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • Flexible Dental Team Who Can Treat Patients of All Ages
  • Accepts Many Kinds of Dental Insurance
  • Treatment Plans Fully Customized to Fit Your Needs

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

3D render of tooth-colored fillings

In general, dental fillings use a malleable material to seal up holes in teeth that have been damaged by decay. This protects the sensitive interior of the tooth and can prevent decay from returning.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin. This is a plastic putty-like substance that can be colored freely, allowing it to blend in naturally with the smile. If done right, it’ll be hard to even tell that you ever had tooth decay to begin with.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

Woman having a UV light shined on her tooth

Typically, fillings are the fastest way to patch up a decayed tooth. They can usually be completed in a single appointment, often in around an hour.

The first step will involve numbing your tooth completely so that you can be as comfortable as possible. We won’t begin treatment until we’re sure that you won’t feel anything at all.

We’ll then remove the decayed section of the enamel and sanitize the tooth as much as possible. This is done to treat the bacterial infection that causes decay, ensuring that it doesn’t come back.

Once that’s done, we’ll fill the hole in your tooth with the composite resin. This will be mixed beforehand and will be fine-tuned to match the color of your teeth. The resin can then be hardened into place using a specialized ultraviolet light.

Finally, we’ll remove any excess material so that the filling is perfectly level with the rest of your tooth. After polishing the result, you’ll have a beautiful tooth that’s good as new!

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentist holding a hologram of a tooth

Tooth-colored fillings are a relatively new invention, but they’ve quickly become the industry standard, outmoding metal amalgam almost entirely. Their appearance has a lot to do with that, but that’s far from the whole story.

Composite resin also attaches to the enamel directly, which provides better protection and less sensitivity in the tooth than metal amalgam would. This unique seal also means that less enamel has to be removed to make room for the filling, preserving a greater portion of the original tooth.

You may not realize it, but you could also have an allergy to the heavy metals that go into amalgam fillings, causing nasty side effects. This is almost never the case with composite fillings.

That may seem like a lot, but it honestly isn’t even half of the reasons why tooth-colored fillings now dominate the market. If you’re looking to fix decayed teeth, we would be happy to show you firsthand what makes them so incredible. There’s no need to hesitate—give us a call today!